Santa Tracker 2013

Santa tracker 2013 : It's Christmas time and the santa is about to begin his journey. Santa delivers gifts to nice children all around the world. He begins his journey from santa village, located in the north pole. He travels all around the world in a sledge driven by the reeindeers. With our santa tracker, we helps you to track santa claus in his journey which begins  from north pole. We track the santa to various places he visits worldwide.

Santa Tracker

Santa Tracker 2013 - NORAD

In order for the purpose, the santa tracker seeks the help of a variety of media which are used in the present era. Santa visits most of the nice kids in the world in order to deliver the gifts. The gifts mostly consists of toys. This toys are made by magical elves in the Santa's village. He travels in his sledge, which could fly, to different parts of the world from north pole to different parts of the world during the christmas eve. 

Story Behind Tracking Santa

This program began on December 24, 1955 when a departmental store gave a mispelled telephone number in an advertisement in a  newspaper which led to North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD). Thus they have started the program with a label of  'NORAD Santa Tracker'. The officers there didn't wanted the kids let down.

Santa tracker NORAD
advertisement which marked beginning of the Santa Tracker

They attended all the phone calls which came by. This tradition was continued in the coming years. Later on many tech giants have joined hands with them to track santa during christmas eve. This event uses the application of various kinds of advanced tech gadgets available now.

We help you to track Santa both in a 3D view and as well as the map view. Our santa tracker 2013 tracks you along every nook and corner through which santa travels. You can also track the Santa in map view as well. 
Please do come back on christmas eve to track santa claus with our santa tracker 2013. Do share this website with your friends, family and everyone you know so that we could track santa together.
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